ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses

ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses

If you’re an ENFP, by looking at the typical ENFP strengths and weaknesses you can better align your skills and put yourself in more comfortable position. The Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is an excellent way to gauge your personality and skills.

ENFPs are fun, often the life and soul of a party of group of friends, they have a free-spirited attitude, and possess a charm others envy. They are also a bit scatty and can overthink things to the point of exhaustion – sound familiar?

ENFPs are known as ‘The Campaigners’. Its abbreviated form and meaning is:

(E) Extraverted – good in social situations, motivated by others, outspoken.

(N) Intuitive – focusing on the larger picture, not the specific details.

(F) Feelers – choosing social implications and feelings over logical answers.

(P) Perceptive – keepings their options open instead of passing judgment.

ENFP Strengths and Weaknesses


They Have Good Intuition

The (N) in their personality type represents being intuitive. This means they are great at acting on feelings and making snap decisions that are often for the best. They are great at tackling challenges and overcoming adversity.

They Are Always Keen to Learn

A willingness to learn helps keep the personal growth and development curve going in the right direction. They will step outside of their comfort zone and put themselves in the firing line making them value parts of any team.

They Are Enthusiastic

Who doesn’t like an enthusiastic friend, team player, colleague? They are able to channel and control their enthusiasm too, so it’s not a case of someone being all giddy and out of control. Great in social situations, awesome as friends, and fun to be around.

They Have Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is the key to all things successful, as well as a tool to avoid bad situations. I can’t preach this enough when I’m working with people and I love seeing and working with good communicators. It’s a great strength in all aspects of life.

They Are Charismatic and Friendly

You may have noticed a lot of their strengths align with be great in social situations. ENFPs are charismatic and friendly and attract a lot of the right kinds of people. They are able to get along with anyone and will avoid conflict.


They Often Lack Focus

All their energy and enthusiasm needs to be directed in the right career, or job, or they can lose focus on the task in hand. They aren’t great at focusing on the smaller details either and can skip over some important points in favor of the larger picture.

They Are Prone to Getting Stressed

Stress is a horrible health condition that affects all areas of your life and if left untreated it will completely deplete a person. Being prone to getting stressed an ENFP needs to recognize the signs and ask for help.

They Can Be Lead by Emotions

Emotions are powerful and not always a bad thing if you can control them. But ENFPs can be lead by their emotions in volatile situations where it can cause problems. It’s the same emotions that make them so likable but it’s a double-edged sword.

They Aren’t Good at Accepting Criticism

Accepting criticism is part of growing as a person and being able to learn from mistakes and do better going forward. People who can’t accept criticism can be stubborn and stuck in their ways which can be detrimental to personal growth.

They Can Be (Mis)Lead by Others

ENFPs are people pleasers and love helping others. However, they are often a little too helpful and can be mislead by others in their pursuit to help them. Combine this with their emotionally driven personality traits and they can find himself going down the wrong path for way too long.

Famous ENFP Personalities

It’s always interesting to see some famous personalities that fit certain personality types. Here are a mixed selection of famous ENFPs:

In Summary

ENFPs strengths come together to make a charismatic, fun, creative, and emotional person who are actively looking to grow and improve in both their personal and professional lives. If you are an ENFP or know one, you’ll know how fun this personality type is to be around.

They can see their kindness being taken as weakness, and sometimes are lead by emotions. But with a willingness to work on their weaknesses and adapt to different situations anything in possible.

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