ENFJ Jobs to Avoid

ENFJ Jobs to Avoid Law Enforcement

Wondering what ENFJ jobs to avoid so you don’t end up chasing a career that doesn’t fit with your personality type? When Working with professionals who are happy, or not happy in their careers I always find a correlation between their personality type and their chosen career path.

I see far too many people who feel ‘trapped’ in a career that is just dragging them down. There is no need to feel like this, there is always a way out, and when you find a career that fits with your personality type you will know it as soon as you start – it feels so much more satisfying.

ENFJs typically have a lot to offer to other people. They are caring and affectionate to others, and are excellent and logical problem solvers. This personality type really flourishes and advances quickly in a career they enjoy so it’s very important to start off on the right path.

ENFJs are known as ‘The Givers’. Its abbreviated form and meaning is:

(E) Extraverted – good in social situations, motivated by others, outspoken.

(N) Intuitive – focusing on the larger picture, not the specific details.

(F) Feeling – personable, considerate, not objective.

(J) Judging – plans, organizes, and orderly.

Looking at the above breakdown you can see this personality type includes planning, personable characteristics, the ability to see the larger picture, and self-motivation. A skillset that makes this personality type very adaptable to a lot of careers, but also means the wrong career choice will be devastating.

Careers ENFJ Should Avoid

As discussed, finding a career path that fits with your personality type is incredibly important if you’re going to have a successful, fulfilling, and enjoyable career. Here are some careers that are not suitable:


Paperwork, attention to detail, and spending time working on the fine points are all things that do not come naturally to an ENFJ. Being an accountant takes a certain type of person, it’s a solitary career with mountains of paperwork/spreadsheets and numbers, it’s not for this personality type at all and will just frustrate them.

Law Enforcement

Although they have a lot of compassion for others, being in law enforcement is not a good career choice. Seeing the worst of society and dealing with traumatic and upsetting situations will be emotionally draining. ENFJs really enjoy seeing and helping people achieve success, being involved in situations out of their control is not will frustrate them.

Truck Driver

ENTP Jobs to Avoid Truck Driver

Being stuck in a cabin with nothing more than themselves for company is near to an ENFJs worst nightmare. They are gregarious, social creatures and need the constant interaction with others. There is no chance of them staying in a career similar to this for any period of time.

Data Entry

Data entry roles typically involve a person working on their own grinding through large amounts of repetitive tasks. This is exactly the kind of work that will drive an ENFJ crazy. They are likely to make mistakes, lose interest, and will not be able to work in a job like this for very long at all.


Auditors absolutely have to have a keen eye for detail and work in a meticulous and orderly fashion. There are few to no collective goals or social interactions and a lot of repetitive work. This is exactly the kind of work that will cause an ENFJ to become bored, frustrated, and unfulfilled in the role.

ENFJ Famous People

It’s always interesting to look at some famous personalities that fit the same personality type as yourself. Here area some of the most notable famous ENFJ personalities, take a look at their careers and see how their career paths fit with their characteristics.

  • Johnny Depp – Actor
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. – U.S. Civil Rights Activist
  • Nelson Mandela – President of South Africa and Civil Rights Activist
  • Tony Blair – U.K. Prime Minister
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Astrophysicist and Science Popularizer
  • Kate Winslet – Actress

Best Jobs and Career Choices for ENFJs

Some of the best careers and jobs for this personality type include:

  • Writer
  • Politician
  • Sales Rep
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologist

ENFJ Career Choices in Summary

I hope this article has helped to shed some light on what makes an ENFJ tick professionally, and the kinds of careers and work roles that should be avoided. The red flag is definitely repetitive, mundane tasks. I don’t use these terms derogatorily, there are personality types that are fulfilled by these types of careers, but certainly not ENFJs.

Careers that give them the freedom to communicate with others, express their views, use their creativity, and lead others is what fires them up. They are extroverts, any role that puts them in a box without other people to bounce energy off will stifle their creativity and not allow them to show what they have to offer in the right role.

We spend a large portion of our lives at work and deserve to be happy and feel motivated and fulfilled. Using your personality type to help you choose a career is a huge stepping stone in the right direction. Good luck!

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