19+ Beautiful Words That Start With J

Looking for beautiful words that start with J?

Whether you want a beautiful sounding word, another word that means beautiful, or just a positive word, I’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of beautiful and positive words that begin with the letter J, as well as synonyms for the word beautiful.

Beautiful Words That Start With J (Positive Adjectives)

Jammy – lucky.

Jaunty – having or expressing a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner.

Jaw-Dropping – amazing.

Jazzy – bright, colorful, and showy.

Jestful – Just, righteous; rightful.

Jiggish – resembling or suitable for a jig or lively movement.

Jimp – slender and trim.

Jocose – playful or humorous.

Jocular – fond of or characterized by joking; humorous or playful.

Jokey – not serious; teasing or humorous.

Jolly – happy and cheerful.

Jovial – cheerful and friendly.

Joyful – feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness.

Jubilant – feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

Juicy – temptingly appealing.

Just – (of treatment) deserved or appropriate in the circumstances.

Synonyms for ‘Beautiful’ That Start With the Letter J

Here are some synonyms for the word beautiful that start with J:

Jewel – a very pleasing or valued person or thing; a very fine example.

Lists of Beautiful Words From Other Letters of the Alphabet:

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