9 Financial Habits Happy Couples Share

9 Financial Habits Happy Couples Share

It’s a sad fact, but around half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce nowadays. Financial reasons make up for the majority of those divorces, which is also a saddening fact.

We have all worried or argued over money for one reason or another. It always feels like a waste of time after, as it only makes the situation worse.

This would suggest that if couples can find a way to agree on their financial decisions, there would be a lot less divorce and parting of ways.

So lets look at the habits of those couples that don’t disagree on financial issues. Or more so, find common ground to agree on for the reason of harmony.

9 Financial Habits Happy Couples Share

They Talk Openly about Their Finances

A lot of couple don’t talk openly about their finances. Both individually, and their joint finances. This is often rooted to their upbringing, where talking about money was frowned upon.

Couples in financial harmony are happy to discuss money. They have a closer handle on how much they have, what they can afford, etc. Being open and honest is always the best policy.

They Share a Joint Bank Account

When a couple get married, some choose to share a joint bank account. Those that do have more chance in finding financial security and being happy.

They work together to manage their monthly bills and income. Trusting each other to use the money sensibly and helping each other.

They Also Have Their Own Money

It’s just as important to have your own money, as a joint account. Research into couples who don’t argue about money found they gave a percentage of their earnings to a joint account, and kept some for themselves.

This gives the opportunity to spend without feeling guilty, or checking if its OK with the other person. It allows personal growth, responsibility, and it’s easy to buy surprise gifts.

They Know Their Relationship Is Not Dependent on Wealth

Couples who didn’t have much money when they met are more likely to work through tough times. Experiencing what it was like to cut back and live off a budget is a valuable life skill.

Even if they come into substantial wealth, understanding money is not what first made them happy will keep them grounded. Using the extra money to make life easier as opposed to spending it all.

They Have a Strong Emotional Connection

Regardless of their relationship with money, these couple need a deep emotional connection to be happy. Money will come and go, but love and understanding is the foundation that relationships are built on.

This means understanding what makes each other tick. You will never find a 50/50 split when it comes to spending. Try understanding why a person needs to spend more than another, and accepting it without making them feel bad.

They Accept Each Others Spending Needs

Similar to the last point, happy couples understand each others spending needs. We are all individuals, and this needs to be respected in relationships.

Some people are big spenders, some like to buy expensive items, while others are happy with the basics. Find each others spending needs and discuss them.

They Keep a Security Blanket

Running on empty is a major cause of stress in relationships. Couples who find financial happiness have a security blanket of money. So they know if the worst case scenario happens, such as one person losing a job – they will be fine for a period of time.

It takes a lot of willpower and determination to build up this security blanket. But being able to work together and discuss money as previously discussed makes this a lot easier.

They Enjoy Their Money

We all work hard for our money, so why do so many people not enjoy it? Happy couples set aside date nights, fun money, buy each other gifts, whatever their budget allows.

Enjoying money together puts stress to the back of mind, and reminds us why we work and what we enjoy about life, and each other.

They Find a Natural Balance

There is a balance between saving and spending. Between being frugal, and making sacrifices. Work and play. People who are happy do so with a balance that works.

That’s not to say its easy to find. It will take work, communication, and depending on level of income, some change to lifestyle. But without this harmonious balance there will never be happiness.

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