5 Poor Excuses People Use When They Give up on Their Dreams

5 Poor Excuses People Use When They Give up on Their Dreams

We all have dreams, desires, and aspirations. Some of us dream big, while some have smaller goals that would be equally as satisfying. Yet, regardless of how big we dream, the vast majority of people will never achieve their dreams.

This always saddens me. Because everyone should give 110% and never give up on chasing their dreams. Sure, if you are dreaming about owning a yacht, homes around the world and so on it’s going to take longer than someone who just wants a new car.

But dreaming big is fine. And, you will never know how close you will get if you don’t carry on trying. This means never giving up, never. But most people make excuses and give up. That’s the reality.

But excuses don’t wash well with me. Especially weak, poor excuses.

Here are 5 poor excuses people use when they give up on their dreams. I’ve heard all of these countless times. Never once have any of them been a legitimate reason for letting dreams go.

You Don’t Have Enough Time

If you don’t have enough time to prioritize your dreams, what do you have time for? I have heard this excuse countless times and it has never been true. We are all busy and short on time, but we also have the same amount of time to use.

I can guarantee you it’s just a productivity and time-management issue. Checking Facebook and your emails every 30 minutes may seem really important right now. But is it more important than working on those dreams, do you get more value from checking Facebook?

If you really can not squeeze any more time out from your day to work on these dreams then it’s time to make sacrifices. This is too important to let slide, you will be filled with regret and maybe’s for the rest of your life.

You Don’t Feel Ready Yet

What are you really afraid of, failure? Most people are afraid of failing, it’s completely normal. But failure is the key to success. The old cliche that you can only truly appreciate success after many failures is true. All the great personalities, inventor’s, businessmen, and figureheads all failed many times before succeeding.

You don’t have to go all in right off the bat. But you do need to start doing something. Just waiting and waiting for the perfect moment that is never going to come is not going to help.

If you are not ready, the only to find out is to give it your best shot. Learn from the experience, and try again when you’re better prepared. I know you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what happens. Because the alternative is, nothing.

You’re Not Good Enough

Do you have that voice of doubt telling you you’re not good enough? Yes. Good. We all have that voice, now it’s time to ignore it and prove to yourself that you are good enough.

You may well fall short. But you also might achieve well above what you thought was possible. You will never know unless you try, and you will never shut that voice up if you don’t confront it.

Treat your doubts as motivation. A way of telling yourself that you can do better. Remember the times you thought the same before, yet looking back everything turned out just perfectly.

People Tell You That You Can’t Do It

This is something that’s close to my heart and really annoys me. I had some toxic friends years ago that were always telling me I couldn’t start my own business. That it’s too hard, and how most start-ups fail in the first year etc.

I listened to them for far too long and didn’t take action when I should have. But I did in the end, and everything worked out better than I could have imagined. Which is why I’m writing this post today and know first-hand what I am talking about.

Most of the time people are just putting their own insecurities and doubts they feel on you. They want to selfishly hold you back because it would hurt them to see you succeed where they can’t.

Well it’s time to rid yourself of these toxic types of people. You will instantly feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people and you have just made your goals a whole lot more achievable.

You’re Not Being Honest and Realistic with Yourself

I work with a lot of people who find it very difficult to be honest with themselves. This encompasses everything we have covered so far. Write down what your dreams are and be honest about how you are going to achieve them.

If you need to spend some time learning a new skill, working on your weaknesses, or asking others for help. Do it. Don’t try and put everything on your own shoulders. The weight is too much to carry, if you’re doing this it’s time to stop.

Your future is in your hands. Your dreams are obtainable if you are willing to make the necessary changes and sacrifices necessary.

Stop making excuses and start making the right choices today. Life’s too short to wonder ‘what if’, or ‘I could have’. Get out there and make it happen.

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