10 Positive Reasons to Be Yourself

10 Positive Reasons to Be Yourself

Going through my younger years I went through the normal motions of self-discovery that we most experience.

I wasn’t as confident as I am today. Obviously I didn’t know nearly as much as I do now about life, and myself.

I got caught up in the motion of mixing with circles of friends, and trying to fit in with various groups.

Looking back now, and seeing this happen with people close to me today – it’s so easy to see that I wasn’t allowing myself, to be me.

This isn’t such a problem with teenagers, and some of the years that follow. These are difficult times, and it does take certain experiences to help us discover who we are.

But there should come a time when we become comfortable and satisfied with being ourselves. By this, I mean, we stop trying to impress others. We accept criticism, we accept our flaws, and we feel comfortable in our own skin.

If people have a dig at you for being confidently sure about yourself. They are usually scared of facing up to this themselves. So don’t fret, as I will explain, there are a lot of benefits to being yourself.

10 Positive Reasons to Be Yourself

You’ll Feel Genuinely Happier

The happiness you feel when you do the things that make you happy, regardless of how others judge you – is a genuine, deep happiness.

If you’re always trying to impress others, or please them, you’re not being yourself. You’re not allowing yourself to be happy.

So stop swimming against the tide, go with your own flow and enjoy it.

You’ll Attract People with Similar Goals

When you stop faking it and start making it (as yourself) you will find others with the same outlook gravitate to you.

It’s a contiguous way of living. Once people start feeling like they can be themselves, they find more comfort with other likeminded peeps.

If you want to attract honest and real people. You have to be honest and real yourself first. This may cause some disruption with your current circle of friends, but it’s a change for the better.

You’ll No Longer Feel the Need to Prove Anything

If you feel like you need to prove or show anything to anybody to be validated, you’re fighting a losing battle.

When you have to try and prove something. More often than not it means you can’t do what you’re promising. Or at the very least, don’t believe in yourself.

When you are comfortable with yourself, you have nothing to prove. The opinions of others don’t phase you.

Your Confidence Will Grow

When you embrace yourself, faults and all. Your confidence will grow and you will feel a lot better about yourself.

People who love themselves have a glowing confidence. They are comfortable taking risks, challenges, and putting themselves out there.

Embrace your new found confidence. Take a trip, meet new people, or get ticking some of those things off your to-do list.

You Can Help Others to Do the Same

Lack of confidence, insecurities, not loving one’s self, these are all problems that are way too common.

The easiest way to get out of a rut is to be helped out. Without being forceful, you can spread your confidence and self-loving around your family and friends.

You can make a massive positive impact on other just by being there. You don’t need to push them, but by being present you will make change so much easier.

You Cannot Be Faulted When Being Yourself

When you’re being you, without offending anyone, no one should hold it against you. We can’t please everyone all of the time, but we can be honest with ourselves and others.

Think of the times you have thanked someone for being honest, regardless of the news they delivered.

So be yourself, be tactful, be honest, and stand by your convictions.

You’ll Earn Respect from Your Peers

Respect from our peers, family, and friends should be earned not demanded. Think about the people you respect, and why you respect them. I don’t doubt they are genuine, honest people.

Chasing your dreams, doing what you believe in, having the courage to take those risks. These are all things others envy and respect. And all hallmarks of a person who respects themselves.

You don’t have to go looking for respect. Just keep it real and genuine, Respect will find you, it’s a great feeling.

Your Judgement Will Improve

Putting yourself first and not trying to do what you think others want will improve your judgement. You will make smarter decisions, and better choices.

If you’re faking it, your decisions will be based on the wrong foundations. You won’t be able to listen to your heart. Consider this when you’re making decisions.

You Can Stop Looking over Your Shoulder

Another problem with always trying to please other people is that you can get caught up in that world. When you’re not in that mode, you’re looking over your shoulder.

This is added stress that is not necessary, seriously. By just being yourself and accepting that you may not please everyone, you can rest easy.

There is nothing to remember. You don’t need to behave differently around different people. You’re just being you. Simple.

People Will Be More Comfortable Confiding and Trusting in You

Who do you trust among your friends? Someone who is straight up and honest with you, or someone who is known to be a bit shady?

Honesty is one of the most admirable and respected qualities in a person. Cherish those who are honest, and be honest yourself.

In a nutshell. Be honest and genuine. You will be trusted and your friends will be comfortable talking to you.

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