Merry Christmas!

List of Christmas Words That Start With X, Y, and Z!

The Letter X is a challenging letter for Christmas words, all I could come up with are:

Xmas - An abbreviation for Christmas! 

Xbox - One of the most popular gaming consoles; gifted and played over xmas!

There are some awesome Christmas-related words that start wih the Letter Y, here's what I could come up with:

Yorkshire Pudding - A baked batter treat eaten with Xmas dinner in the UK. 

Yule Log - This is a large log traditionally burnt on Christmas eve. 

Yuletide - This is an archaic term for Christmas, and commonly used in carols. 

Youth - Christmas is for all ages, but it's speical for the kids! 

The Letter Z is never easy to work with. However, I found some Christmas-related words I think you'll enjoy:

Zazzy - This means shiny or flashy, which is appropriate for Christmas! 

Zealous - This means you're showing Zeal. 

Zestful - This also means energy or enthusiasm! 

Zeal - This means a great burst of energy or enthusiasm.

Zesty - I love this word; it means full of flavor, having a strong spicy flavor, and appealingly piquant or lively. All of which capture the 'zest' of Christmas! 

Merry Christmas!