Merry Christmas!

List of Christmas Words That Start With The Letter A

In need of festive Christmas words that start with A? If you’re trying to describe Christmas starting with A you have a good number of words to choose from. Here are my best picks:

Abundance - A very large quantity of something! 

Acceptance – The action of receiving gifts and love.

Adore – To love and respect (someone) deeply.

Affection – A gentle feeling of fondness or liking.

Angel – A spiritual being; attendant, agent, or messenger of God.

Advent – The first season of the Church year.

Announcement – The action of making an announcement.

Anticipation – The action of anticipating something.

Antlers – Each of the branched horns on adult deer.

Aroma – A distinctive, typically pleasant smell.

Artificial – Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally.

Appreciative – Feeling or showing gratitude/pleasure.

Assemble – Gather together in one place.

Attend – Be present at (an event, meeting, or function).

Away In A Manger – A famous Christmas carol. 

Merry Christmas!