Famous INFJ Personalities

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the INFJ personality type combines Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. It’s an interesting personality type, which is why I thought I’d look at famous INFJ Personalities.

Typical Characteristics of a INFJ Personality Type

INFJ personality types are warm and gregarious people. Often inspiring others, and using their brains rather than their brawn to get their message out to the world.

They prefer to work with other people on a one-to-one, face-to-face, personable basis. Finding this easier than working with groups of people.

This separates them from a lot of other personality types. Typically combining being inspiring with being great at working large groups of people.

INFJs can take time to warm up to people before they fully open up. But they are careful with their words and advice. Make sure everything they say is well thought out and worth listening to.

Once you are in their inner circle. You are treated to all that makes an INFJ personality personable, interesting, and fascinating at times. They are intellectuals. Almost always diving deep into subjects close to their hearts, and will look after those close to them.

INFJs are also great problem solvers. A valuable skill and a tool to figuring out the best course of action. Although they are not keen on confrontation or arguments, they have their own visions and ideas and will stick to them.

I’ve put together a list of known famous INFJ personalities below. You will notice similarities between them, and you can build a clean picture of how the personality traits tie in to people’s lives.

INFJ Characteristics at a Glance

  • Emphatic
  • Considerate
  • Insightful
  • Natural Leaders
  • Visionaries
  • Understanding

Famous INFJ Personalities

Mahatma Ghandhi

Leader of the Indian Independence Movement, Mahatma Ghandhi is a perfect example of someone who has inspired and lead others with his charismatic personality.

Ghandhi had a non-violence approach. He was a leader, but not by choice at first. He wanted to pursue what he believed in, and the followers started to build up.

To achieve what he believed in he need to join the Indian congress. His path was not one of greed or fame. Quite the opposite, yet as a result he became one of the most recognized and inspiring people in history.

His life and teachings continue to inspire people today. Most famously, and interestingly, he inspired Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela who are also INFJ personality types.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States, and founder of the University of Virginia. Like the other famous INFJ personalities, he became a person of power and inspiration for millions.

Jefferson was part of the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. The first secretary of state. Second vice president, and one of the most important historical figures in US history.

Looking at where this ties in with his personality type. Jefferson was known to be considerate and polite, while being a natural leader and firm when needed.

He was absolutely invaluable to the American military. While also being just at home as a member of the counsel and delicately discussing matters with other members.

Adolf Hitler

This will be controversial for some, but interesting to most. Adolf Hitler was an INFJ, and the traits of being such a personality made up a lot of what he was, and did as a person as you’d expect.

The obvious links here is the leadership and ability to inspire others. Also serving for an example that not all INFJs used their charismatic personality for good.

Hitler became interested in politics at an early age. Much earlier than most, while children his age were still playing with toys and hanging around having fun, Hitler was deep in the world of politics.

It was his speeches that captured the imaginations and the will of his countrymen. He rose through the ranks of the army to leader in a short period of time with the backing of the people he inspired.

Not someone most are willing to share a personality type. But these types are not to be pigeon-holed, and the use of the traits are flexible.

Al Pacino

INFJ personality types match up well with acting. Al Pacino is known as being incredibly driven, devoted to close friends and family, and is an inspiration to others in the film industry, fans, and those interested in his work.

Al Pacino is considered by many in the industry to be the greatest actor of all time. While this is just opinion and will be forever debated, to be mentioned as such is an incredible achievement.

Another testament to the achievements of INFJs. Coming from humble beginnings, and working his way up to world famous mega-star, there isn’t much more convincing needed that this is a personality type to inspire.

Like many of the famous INFJ personalities mentioned here, Pacino dropped out of school early and was not interested in ‘traditional’ classes. Opting to follow his dreams with a determined devotion.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Another famous actor who is known to be an INFJ and show it with her life-story. Pfeiffer started out with a modest outlook, but found fame and fortune with her determined attitude and affable character.

Michelle Pfeiffer is known to be incredibly hard-working, kind and fair to people she works with, and very likable.

These are typical characteristics of INFJs, and as you can tell, when these attributes blend together the chance of success in any given area of the person’s life is much more likely.

It’s no coincidence the famous people on this list are in similar industries, or have seen some similar successes.

George Harrison

George Harrison is a very interesting example of a famous INFJ personality. He is most well known for being a member of The Beatles. One of, if not the most famous bands of all time.

But what is not as well known was his tireless efforts and charity work. He was incredibly generous, both with his time and money.

He was also motivated by politics and had a deep interest in world, and local politics. A charismatic trait shared by many in this personality group.

Those who worked with Harrison described him as very likable and interesting. On the quiet side, but once you got to know him he was very funny and generous. Always willing to help others, and never asked anything from anyone.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Another example that you are in good company if you’re an INFJ. Martin Luther King Jr. has had the single most impact on race relations in the United States.

He was an activist, a leader, and a natural inspiration for others. With his own dreams and visions and the ability to communicate and inspire others, he has made a lasting imprint in history that will never fade.

Luther King Jr. received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, as well as countless other awards to show recognition for his work.

His ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in 1963 is one of the most played and quoted speeches to date. To come from such humble beginnings, and in an area that made it near impossible for his voice to be heard. He found a way to be heard.

He was known as a leader with a complex and hard to understand vision. But his commitment and determination can not be questioned.

Nelson Mandela

Another huge figure in world leaders. Also another winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. No coincidence these people are in the same list for these similar achievements, being in the same personality type.

Nelson Mandela was the first black president of South Africa. He has left a lasting mark on history for his efforts in world politics and what he did for his country.

Again, testament to the personality type was Mandela’s determination to follow his goals and dreams. He did extraordinary things, and against the odds.

Mel Gibson

A polarizing figure in Hollywood. Mel Gibson is an actor, a director and a producer. His legacy has been slightly tarnished by some of the bad press, but his characteristics and achievements clearly tie him to the INFJ personality type.

Born into a family of 11 siblings and attending strict Catholic High School. It’s hard to put into place everything Mel achieved after such a beginning.

But the determination of this personality type to pursue a chosen career always rings true. Gibson wanted to be a famous actor, and made sure it happened through relentless determination.

Hollywood lifestyle may have taken its toll on Gibson. But many who have worked with him over the years say he’s a considerate and giving person. Typical characteristics of this personality type.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is an interesting addition to the list. He has an interesting skill-set. He is a successful actor, musician, and producer for both genres.

He is obviously an INFJ. Hence he is on the list. Looking at comments from people who have worked with him he fits squarely into the INFJ personality type.

Ambitious, successful in his chosen career, and charismatic. Foxx is a great example of what people with this personality type are capable of.

It’s no surprise Hollywood is full of INFJ personalities.

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  1. Kindness, fairness, putting others before oneself are key distinguishing traits of the INFJ personality type. Therefore care must be taken not to mistype other INFs or IXFs.

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