ENTJ Jobs to Avoid

ENTJ Jobs to Avoid Police Officer

If you’re an ENTJ and struggling to find a career that you enjoy and feels like it fits well with your personality and skillset you might want to look at careers that match with your personality type. Or, alternatively ENTJ jobs to avoid, this way you can avoid investing time and energy into a career that simply conflicts with your core personality traits.

Being in the wrong career can drag you down and have a negative impact on all aspects of your life. There is no real reason to stay in a career or job that doesn’t suit you and is frustrating you. If this is you, it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make a positive change that will improve you, and the rest of your life.

ENTJs need to be challenged and involved in roles that stimulate and challenge them. So roles that have plenty of opportunity for personal growth, a variety of tasks, and progressive organizations are high on the list.

ENTJs are known as ‘The Executives’. Its abbreviated form and meaning is:

(E) Extraverted – good in social situations, motivated by others, outspoken.

(N) Intuitive – focus on the bigger picture, not the specifics and smaller details.

(T) Thinkers – use logic to make decisions over speculation.

(J) Judging – plans, organizes, and orderly.

Looking at the above you can see that ENTJs are great thinkers, able to use logic to their advantage, are great with people and communicating, and work in an orderly and planned fashion.

Careers ENTJ Should Avoid

With the breakdown of the personality traits, we can look at the kinds of careers and jobs that are not suited to an ENTJ. This might go a long way to explaining why you’ve been unfulfilled in your work or struggled to find a career that feels right.

Here are some jobs to avoid if you’re an ENTJ:

Long-distance Driver

As with most jobs, there is an element of interest and excitement when it’s new. But jobs that get old quickly due to being repetitive and mundane like long-distance driving does not fit well with ENTJs.

Data Entry

ENTJ Jobs to Avoid Data Entry

One career that puts a complete stop to all creativity is data entry. Doing similar repetitive tasks under time pressure will not sit will. This is a tough job in its own right and requires a certain personality type, certainly not this personality type.

Social Worker

With this personality type there is a desire to work with others to achieve goals, but not work with others to help them on an individual one-to-one basis. This career doesn’t give them the chance to be orderly and set their sights on specific goals.

Police Officer

The rigid nature of being a police officer goes directly against the grain of an ENTJ. Higher up roles like detective and forensic experts are more suited. Regular day-to-day enforcing laws isn’t going to stimulate them enough or let them express their creative side.

Retail Work

Although they are great with people, good communicators, and work well with colleagues, working behind a till is not going to go well for them. Running items through the register will bore them very quickly and without the opportunity to make creative changes to the store and analyze the results they will not stick the role for long.

ENTJ Famous People

I always see a lot of interest in famous people that are certain personality types. Here are some famous ENTJ personalities. See if they fit these what you expect from what you know about their careers and lives.

  • Bill Gates – Microsoft Founder
  • Margaret Thatcher – English Prime Minister
  • Jim Carrey – Actor
  • Richard Nixon – U.S. President
  • Penn Jillette – Entertainer
  • Adele – Singer/Songwriter

Best Jobs and Career Choices for ENTJs

Some of the best-suited careers and jobs for this personality type include:

ENTJ Career Choices in Summary

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and matching them with the strengths and weaknesses needed to perform a job role is an obvious way to make a glove fit. Avoiding the roles above and similar careers based on the personality traits of an ENTJ can help you save time in the wrong career.

Sometimes careers find us, through family businesses, opportunities that seem too good to pass on, a desire to work in a certain place, but it’s incredibly difficult to make these roles work in the long-term.

Start by looking at careers suited to your personality type. Finding a career that you will enjoy, progress in, and allows you to use all your skills will bring endless happiness and joy to your life. Good luck!

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