I do accept guest posts here at SelfDevelopmentJourney.com, however there are a few rules you must adhere to:

Submission Guidelines

  • Your article must be your own work, and 100% unique. I will be using CopyScape to check, so please don’t waste our time.
  • I will not include any SEO anchor text back to your site, but I may add a relevant outbound link to a high DA site like Wiki, WebMD, etc
  • Word count is between 800-1,000 words. If you need to go longer that’s not a problem, but don’t add any filler. All relevant content please.
  • Send your articles to phil[at]selfdevelopmentjourney[dot]com, I will review and get back to you within a day or so.
  • Include a short bio with a link to your site, and a pic if you want. This will be a follow link.
  • You can either include a picture for the article, or I will find one myself I feel is relevant.
  • You must promote the article within your networks when published.

Why Write for SelfDevelopmentJourney.com

Although the site is fairly new, it won’t always be so. I am putting in a lot of time and effort to grow this blog, making this a great opportunity for you to be part of a growing community.

I will promote your post the day it’s published, and revisit it periodically to promote it to new readers. This will provide good exposure to your own site, and obviously a backlink too.

What to Write?

That’s up to you. Obviously it has to be relevant to Self-development, such as meditation, career advice, self-awareness, self-improvement, look through some of the categories here if you’re not sure.

You can write a step-by-step guide, give a series of steps to follow, a numbered list of actionable points usually works well, or you can even write a story from personal experience.