List of Business Words That Start With V

If you need to sharpen up on your business-related terminology, this list of business words that start with V I’ve put together is going to be just what you’re looking for.

Sometimes you need a word starting with a certain letter to emphasize a point, I get it.

I’m a writer, businessman, and entrepreneur, I’ve had to search for specific words more times than I can remember!

This is why I put together this list of business-related words that begin with the letter V – to help you out if you’re looking for a specific, powerful word.

I’ve tried to cover everything from finance to economics and general business terms. I hope you find what you’re looking for – good luck! 

Business Words That Start With V

Value Added Tax (VAT) – a tax based on the value of goods or services in the UK.

Value-Added – A change in the physical state or form of the product in a manner that enhances its value.

Variable – not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to change.

Vertical Merger – joins two companies that may not compete with each other, but exist in the same supply chain.

Vibrant – (of color) bright and striking; full of energy and life.

Vital – absolutely necessary; essential.

Vivid – producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.

Volatility – liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse.

Volume – a business that has a large number of sales.

Vulture Funds – a hedge fund, private-equity fund or distressed debt fund, that invests in debt considered to be very weak or in default, known as distressed securities.

As you can see, there is not a lot of business-related words beginning with the letter V. But it does include ‘Value’ which can be used in a wide range of ways to describe various business-related activities.

I hope you found the words you’re looking for. If you know of any words I’ve missed please drop me a comment below and I’ll add them to the list to help out others, thanks!

For more business-related and professional words starting with different letters of the alphabet, please click any of the letters in the table below to go to that list:


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