31+ Business Words That Start With E

In this article, I’ve put together a list of business words that start with E to help you find the perfect business-related words you’re looking for.

I know how important it is to use the right words, at the right moment. Especially so in the business world as it helps evoke the right actions and emotions.

There are some specific words and terms spanning finance, economics, and business in general. I’ve done my best to capture as many of them as possible for you.

Please, take a look through the business-related words beginning with E below. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Business Words That Start With E

Earnings – money obtained in return for labor or services, or; income derived from an investment or product.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) – is calculated as a company’s profit divided by the outstanding shares of its common stock.

Earnout – a provision written into some financial transactions whereby the seller of a business will receive additional payments based on the future performance of the business sold.

Ebitda – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, is a measure of a company’s overall financial performance.

Economic Growth – an increase in the number of goods and services produced per head of the population over a period of time.

Economies Of Scale – a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.

Effective – successful in producing a desired or intended result.

Efficient – (of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Elasticity – used to measure the change in the aggregate quantity demanded of a good or service in relation to price movements of that good or service.

Eliminate – completely remove or get rid of (something).

Emerging – becoming apparent or prominent.

Enhanced – intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of.

Enterprise Value – The enterprise value of a company shows how much money would be needed to buy that company.

Enterprising – having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.

Enthusiastic – having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

Entrepreneur – a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Envision – imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

Equity – represents the value that would be returned to a company’s shareholders if all of the assets were liquidated.

Equity Derivatives – a financial instrument whose value is based on equity movements of the underlying asset.

Establish – one that has obtained a reputation for a specific product, service, process, or platform.

Ethical Investment – an investment in a company whose business is not considered harmful to society or the environment.

Evaluate – means to determine something’s significance, value, or worth.

Excellence – outstanding practices in managing the organization and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts or values.

Exclusive – prices, goods, or services are exclusive of something, that thing is not included in the stated price.

Expand – the attempt of a company to grow the size of its business.

Expedite – to speed up the progress of; hasten: to expedite shipments. to accomplish promptly, as a piece of business; dispatch: to expedite one’s duties.

Expenses – the cost of operations that a company incurs to generate revenue.

Expert – expert skill or knowledge; expertness; know-how: business expertise.

Externalities – situations when the effect of production or consumption of goods and services imposes costs or benefits on others that are not reflected in the prices charged for the goods and services being provided.

Extrinsic Value – the value of the item outside of its intrinsic value.

The letter E is great for some useful economic, financial, and business-related terms. I hope you were able to find the words that you were looking for.

A couple of these words remind me of going through my accounting degree. ‘Economies of scale’ and ‘Expenses’ are just two of the terms that used to come up a lot.

If you know of or come across any words that I’ve missed, please drop me a comment below and I’ll add them to the list to help others, thanks!

For more professional and business words starting with different letters of the alphabet, please click any of the letters in the table below to go to that list:


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