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ISTJ Jobs to Avoid

Knowing what the ISTJ jobs to avoid are can save you a lot of time if you know your personality type and are looking to find a career that suits you. Careers choices are a huge deal. It’s not as pivotal as it once was, it’s more

Encouraging Quotes for Exams

Preparing for exams is a stressful and mentally exhausting process. If you let the stress get on top of you, you will not be able to perform at your best. If you get mentally exhausted you will also not be able to put in your best effort.

ESFJ and INTJ Compatibility

Understanding ESFJ and INTJ compatibility can go a long way to explaining, or helping you understand how well two people can get along. I covered the Myers-Briggs compatibility test and what the results mean previously. You should find out what your personality type is if you don’t

Stop Procrastination with the 2-Minute Rule

There have been a number of different rules and techniques to help people break their habit of procrastinating. I’ve heard of the 5-Minute Rule, 15-Minute Rule, taking specific length breaks, various forms of concentration games, etc. While I don’t struggle with motivation (I did many years ago)

Freemind: A Confidence Building Game

Confidence is being aware of what you’re good at and knowing how to use your skills to your advantage. It’s behaving in a way that makes a difference to yourself and others. It’s believing in yourself, and being able to achieve what you want to – because